Top 10 Reasons To Visit Japan

Japan ... a country full of craziness, beauty, and uniqueness. I have been to a few Asian countries before, but I’ve always been told that Japan is different. In previous Asian countries such as India and China, everything is always chaotic, it’s hard to navigate around and not many people…

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Weekend Away In Bruges

About 6 weeks ago, at our Trippal office, we were discussing how expensive a night out is in the UK these days. You have your transport there and back, pre-drinks, cigarettes for those who smoke, food, beers, spirits, shots. It adds up very quickly. So we put a challenge to…

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East Coast Of Ozzy Land

So back in 2015, I went to the wonderful land of Australia for a 3 week trip up the east coast. What a crazy experience! Before I went, I had so many questions. How much money should I take? Whats my itinerary going to be? Should I drive the east…

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