Planning a trip to Dublin, Ireland – Your Ultimate Guide for 2019

Planning a trip to Dublin, Ireland – Your Ultimate Guide for 2019

Here at Trippal, we love a good old knees up weekend away whenever its one of our travel experts birthdays. 11 of us went to Dublin for a weekend break over a 4 day period. In this blog I will tell you of great places to stay, eat and most importantly – drink! Ill also tell you the cost of a weekend in Dublin.

Where to stay in Dublin?

Where you should stay should depend on the amount of people you are going with. I went with 11 people, so we decided to stay in an Air Bnb. The air Bnb was located in Stonybatter, a short 15-20 minute walk from temple bar. Stonybatter in Dublin has wonderful local pubs, Mulligans would be a Trippal recommendation if you fancied a few drinks before you head out. Stonybatter is generally cheaper than staying right in the city centre – and after a few to many beers it’s a quick 5 minute cab ride home. With 11 of us, the price was fairly cheaper per person.

Dublin is generally expensive. Even the hostels are expensive, so make sure you shop around and look at different apps. If you don’t fancy doing it, one of our travel experts can do it for you. Dublin Hotels are also expensive. You can sometimes find Dublin weekend breaks on Groupon for decent prices, but always do your research as sometimes the hotels are miles from where the action is. Midweek breaks in Dublin are usually cheaper than going during a weekend, but the weekend is when its most busy and the locals are out in full force.

Where to go for food in Dublin?

In Temple Bar, the main street in Dublin – there are endless places to eat. But again, it comes at a premium for being smack bang in the middle of Dublin’s most famous street. These are a few of the restaurants we ate out at whilst in Dublin:

My meat wagon:

A cool hipster place for meat lovers. Vegans stay away! This place does great burgers, brisket and ribs. They have a cool selection of craft beers and the chips are to die for! The waiters are extremely friendly and its not badly priced. However, the restaurant is small so I would suggest you book in advance – even if its just a small group of you.


If you are feeling a bit fragile after a heavy night on the beer – the Beanhive is the place to go to get yourself a fry up. The portions are quite big, and its respectively priced. It’s a 12 minute from Temple Bar, situated on Dawson Street. Even if you don’t fancy a breakfast, swing by for a coffee – the coffee is fantastic!

Boco Bar & Oven:

If you are a pizza lover, get yourself over to this place! We walked to this place and saw a waitress serve someone a pizza – so we went in, and we did not regret it. Really nice authentic pizza’s, friendly staff and a really relaxed vibe!

Where to go drinking in Dublin?

The Living Room:

With this place you can kill two birds with one stone. Its one of the best bars in Dublin to eat, drink and watch sport! If you are like the gang here at Trippal and love your sport as much travelling – this is the place for you. They have a decent selection of lagers and wines on sale, so you wont be stuck to get a pint of the good stuff.

The Barzen Head:

This is the oldest pub in Ireland, it’s a place with great history. If you and your friends are going to stop off for a good old proper pint of Guinness to put a picture on your social media – do it here. It’s very central, and it’s a beautiful building. A very old school pub, but packed with people enjoying a good time. They do not let big groups into this pub during the evening time.

Copperface Jacks:

Only go here once you are Drunk. Whenever we tell Dubliners we went here, they laugh. However, they all say that it’s a fun place to go once your drunk. Great music, cheaper drinks than most places and a young crowd who are up for a good time.


A place that is not favourable of letting in groups of more than 5, Diceys garden is a great bar with cheap drinks. I would strongly recommend going to a few pubs before hand. At around 11 pm, it gets extremely busy! And as you can imagine – the bouncers and door staff get moody with people and can sometimes be unreasonable. But its worth a shot, its great fun!

The Temple Bar:

The temple bar dates back to 1840. This is a traditional Irish pub with live music every night to help you get in the Irish mood. The atmosphere in this place is fantastic and we guarantee you will be smiling the whole time. The temple bar is a great place to either start or end a pub crawl – depending on what direction you are coming from!

Buskars Bar:

If you are tired of all the beer and Guinness, give Buskers bar a go. They make all different kinds of cocktails and have great live music!

Things to do in Dublin

Here are some things to do, add them to your Dublin itinerary!

Soak up the atmosphere:

Dublin has a buzz like nowhere else we have been. It’s full of cheer and fun loving people. Just walking around the center of Dublin and stopping off in shops, pubs and café’s is a great thing to do!

Dublin Castle:

Dating back to 1204, Dublin Castle is a great thing to go and visit if you are into the history of Ireland. Its open daily, and costs around 10 Euros for a guided tour. We would recommend doing a guided tour, its much better!

Kilmainham Gaol Jail:

This was our favourite thing to do in Dublin. This is an old prison that dates back hundreds of years. It was home to many prisoners who were arrested in the struggle of making Ireland a republic. This is a fantastic thing to do even if you are not interested in history. The prison has a weird vibe to it, and you even get to sit in the cells!

Guinness Factory:

Goes without saying right? You cant not go to Dublin and visit the Guinness factory! To see the history of Guinness, and why its such an ‘Irish’ thing – get yourself over to the factory. They have a wonderful roof top bar where you can get a great view of Dublin city. The walk up rate is 25 Euros, but if you book before hand online its 18.50 Euros. You even get a complimentary pint!

Jameson’s Tour:

The birthplace of Irish Whiskey! You can experience and taste whiskeys at the Jameson’s tour. You can do different classes such as whiskey blending, whiskey cocktail making but the main thing is the Bow Street experience, which is a 40 minute guided tour. Its 20 Euros, and you get a Complimentary drink at their in house bar.

Viking Splash Tour:

This is a very unique way to see Dublin. You all jump in a little amphibious vehicle and you drive around and even sail around Dublin’s main attractions. You all wear Viking hats. It’s a very fun way to see the city! Tickets cost around 25 Euros, but its cheaper if there are more of you.

How much does a weekend in Dublin cost?

So Dublin is one of the greatest places in Europe to visit, however it comes with a price tag. Dublin is expensive, that’s why we recommend going for no more than 4 days. The further out you go, the cheaper it gets. However, the best atmosphere, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions are all very central. Here is a breakdown of how much the average things cost:

  • Pint Of Lager: 6 Euros
  • Double Spirit With Mixer: 10 Euros
  • Fry Up: 10 Euros
  • Meal at restaurant including drink: 23 Euros
  • 10 Minute Taxi: 12 Euros
  • Airport to City Centre Taxi: 30 Euros
  • Big Mac: 5 Euros

Will we go back?

Of course we will! We love Dublin and we cant wait to go back and soak up the atmosphere once again. Its not a cheap city break, but its an amazing city break. There plenty of things to do in Dublin full of amazing restaurants and bars. This weekend brought a big group together and we all had fun. So that’s why we will be going back. If you want someone to help you plan your Dublin adventure, get in touch with one of our travel experts and we can help you out!

Going on an adventure soon?

Trippal is a friendly and helpful travel planning service that can give you recommendations, tips and advice on where to go. We would love to help, so give us a like and keep us in mind when planning your next adventure!

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