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That light bulb moment ... on a bus!

In 2016, 2 friends decided to go to China. Life in China is very different to what it is in the UK. The two friends found it extreamly difficult to do simple things such as withdraw cash from ATMs, board the correct trains and arrange activities. They just needed someone to help them plan. Someone to get advice from,¬†someone who knows the ins and outs of China. And thats when TripPal was born. TripPal ia a friendly, personable and reliable travel planning service that helps the younger generations experience the beauty and adventure this world has to offer. Our mission is clear … make travel and adventure stress free!¬†


MEET THE squad

Jack Horton

Founder & CEO

Jolyon Beales

Chief Digital Officer

Chris d'souza

Chief Product Officer

Aman Singh

Chief Information Officer

Claire Richardson

Lead Travel Expert

Nick Horton

Lead Travel Expert

Alex Wilson

Lead Travel Expert

Rich Freeth

Lead Travel Expert

Things we live and breathe

our values

Our customers are our heartbeat

At TripPal, our experts and customers are the heartbeat of everything we do! Without knowledgable experts and customers who want to utilise that knowledge, we would not exist!

Our vibe is unique and special

We are bursting with personality. we match you with a tripPal that not only has the knowledge you need, but the personality to suit you. It's all about good vibes!

No stress, for us or our customers

Our mission and vision is simple. Make travel and adventure stress free. That means we do all the hard work for you, so you can focus on taking the world by storm!

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