Weekend Away In Bruges

Weekend Away In Bruges

About 6 weeks ago, at our Trippal office, we were discussing how expensive a night out is in the UK these days. You have your transport there and back, pre-drinks, cigarettes for those who smoke, food, beers, spirits, shots. It adds up very quickly. So we put a challenge to 4 of our travel experts to see if they could go for a night out in Bruges in Belguim, cheaper than it would be to go out in London. Now, this all depends on where you live etc. But We have based this on the following prices per person:

  • Transport there: £10
  • Transport back: £15
  • Pre-drinks: £15
  • Entry Fee: £10
  • Food: £20
  • Drinks: £70
  • Cigarettes: £10
  • GRAND TOTAL: £150

We know this is taking most things like cigarettes into the scenario. In London, a double and mixer in a club will cost you a good £12. Short breaks in Bruges are popular amongst couples and groups of friends in the UK. However, most people grab flights to Bruges or even the ferry. But these are the longest and most difficult ways to get there. Now we have put together all the information about how to get to Bruges, a weekend itinerary for Bruges,


Transport There & Back (£27.50 pp):

So we drove from our Trippal office in Berkshire to Folkstone and got the Eurotunnel to Calais. It took us about 1 hour 45 minutes to get to Calais.  We pre-booked our Eurotunnel ride, which cost £70 for the car. From Berkshire to Folkstone, Calais to Bruges and the same journey back – we spent £60 on fuel. This is In a relatively new car, but the price will vary based on the car. From Calais to Bruges it’s a 90-minute drive. So £70 for the Eurotunnel and £60 for the fuel totals to £110. But divided by the 4 of us, it cost us £27.50 each.


Accommodation: (£18.00 pp)

So we departed at 7 am on Saturday morning so we had time to enjoy the afternoon in Bruges. We were heading back on Sunday evening, so we only needed one night’s accommodation. Now, this completely depends on how choosy you are with accommodation but we found a great little hostel called ‘Charlie Rockets’ which cost us £18 per night each. The hostel was nice, it wasn’t the most modern place in the world but the beds were comfy and most importantly it had a bar with a pool table! If you are going just for a night out with friends, this place is perfect.

There are lots of hotels in Bruges. If you want to book a hotel in Bruges, speak to one of our Travel experts at Trippal and we will be more than happy to do some research for you!


Activities: (£20.48)

Beer Museum – £13.80pp: This is a must do if you are in Bruges. Its not something you would normally do on a night out in London, but we insist you go there so we have included this in our total cost. The price includes 3 beers at the brewery below the museum – and there are lots to chose from. The beers in Bruges are VERY strong, so we were all quite tipsy before we left the museum. We recommend visiting this as soon as you get there as you will not want to do this on a hangover!


Olivo’s Chocolate Shop – £6.68pp: Now if you in any way, shape or form like chocolate, you need to go here. This has come highly recommended from other travel experts who have been to Bruges. The hot chocolate here is to die for! We also recommend trying some truffles whilst you’re there. The price we have given is the price for a hot chocolate and a couple of truffles – a perfect hangover cure!


Get lost in Bruges – FREE: Bruges is a very small city, with lots of lovely scenery, buildings, and canals. We recommend to spend some time and walk around the city. There are lots of picture opportunities and cool pubs you can sit in and play pool or watch sport.



Food: £40.00

Now we always recommend getting some food down you before a night out. At Trippal, we were looking for the best value restarunts in Bruges. So we went to a nice restaurant in the main Square that had a great view. Even in November, we sat outside and the guys put the patio heaters on. Le Panier D’Or had great reviews and lots of smiling customers. A beer and a mixed grill with fries, plus a tip cost us £27.00 each. Have you ever eaten on a hangover as soon as you wake up and it makes you feel much worse? That’s why we always Brunch. We always leave it a couple of hours before we eat. We had brunch in the square at a lovely restaurant called Meridian and it costs us £13.00 each. The service was absolutely faultless.


Drinks: £50.00

We kept tally during out night to see how much we spent. We spent about £30 on beers and £20 on spirits. Let me tell you, it was a VERY HEAVY NIGHT. We drank lots of Belgium beers and we drank a few whiskeys/vodka’s in a club we went to. We did a bar crawl, so went from pub to pub so we got to experience different places in Bruges. All the places are in or around the square. We recommend to chat to people and find out the best places to go that evening. However, we went to a few places that really stood out for us. La trappiste was a bar that served great beers in a very friendly and open environment. It reminded us of a beer hall in Munich – it was fantastic! We also went to a place called Club 13, which was a sports bar. If you want to catch the footie whilst having a few beers – this is the place to go!  De Coulissen nightclub in Bruges city centre was busy, fun and had great music. We definitely recommend going. What’s even better, they don’t charge you to get in.

Other Things To Think About:

High Vis & Warning Triangle – £3pp: It’s a legal requirement in Belgium to carry a high visibility jacket and a warning triangle whilst driving in the country. We did not have these, so chipped in £3 each which covered the cost. You can get these on Amazon before your trip, or if it’s a last minute thing – service stations usually sell them.

Car Parking – £3.75pp: To park the car, it cost us £15. We were parked for longer than 24 hours. If you are going to Bruges, Centrum Parking Langest car park is a short walk from the city center and from our recommended hostel.

Drunk Food – £5pp: No night is complete without stopping off for some drunk food. There are many places open throughout the city when it’s chucking out time. Whether it be a kebab, chips, and gravy, or a cheeseburger – you won’t have any issues getting drunk food.

So can you really go to Bruges for a night out cheaper than London?

Well, the total cost of the trip including good meals, nice activities, beautiful scenery, great beers, good music and transport there and back … it cost us £167.73 each. So the answer is No, you can’t go to Bruges cheaper than London. However, we were not far off. It cost us an extra £17.73 to go to a different country, speak to different people, meet people, stay there, eat some great chocolate, visit a fantastic museum and eat great food. The extra £17 is worth it! We absolutely loved Bruges and we recommend getting a squad together and doing a road trip you will never forget. We made some fantastic memories there and we can’t wait to go back. If you need help planning your trip to Bruges, get in touch with Trippal and we will happily help you plan it out!


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