What Is TripPal All

TripPal was set up by two friends travelling China in 2017. Life in China is very different compared to life in the UK. The two friends found it difficult to do the simplest things such as boarding the correct train, withdraw money from ATM's and arrange activities. If only they had a friendly & reliable person they could ask for help at the end of a WhatsApp message?!

So TripPal was born. A service that helps you plan your trip anywhere in the world right from the start. We help you get the best flights for your budget, the right type of accommodation suited to your needs and we also help you plan your itineraries. Not only that, but we are on hand 24/7 throughout your trip just incase you need us for anything!

What Does TripPal

Our Customers & Experts Are Our Heartbeat!

At TripPal, our experts and customers are the heartbeat of everything. Without knowledgeable experts and customers who want to utilise that knowledge, we wouldn't exist! We don't try and sell you a product, we sell you a service that works for and around you!

Our Vibe & Approach Is What Makes Us Special!

There are thousands of people out there who have travelled the world. But there are only a handful of people who can really support, help and be personable with others. We believe we have them people and they are ready to help you!

One Vision - Making Travel & Adventure Stress Free!

Yep, thats right. Our vision and mission is to make travel & adventure stress free. Whether it's a city break, a stag or hen party or a trip around the world - we want to help you plan and be by your side to ensure it's stress free!

We need you! Help put TripPal on the map!

Have you visited lots of interesting places? Can you help others explore the wonderful world we live in? If so, we need you to help build the worlds most caring and helpful travel community.
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